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Sometimes during the painted drywall or plaster some inconvenience to those who did not find an explanation, and surely complicate the work arise. Usually due to poor surface preparation and paint application.

Blistered paint

These are some of the questions we might encounter at work painting or immediately after drying the paint, try to answer:

Why are bubbles passing the roller?

In textured walls this is no problem, smooth walls can cause the surface remains not quite perfect. We recommend using a short nap roller, precisely because the long hair and sponge are causing these bubbles.

Why paint drips or runs down the wall?

This happens because the paint is too thin. Generally the material is ready to use, in the event that the wall has a lot of absorption is necessary to add only a little water, in the case of water-based paints obviously.

Why not cover paint?

The above case can be a cause, the paint is too dilute. Another reason may be that you are not carrying enough paint roller, so it often happens that applies consecutive hands without fully covering the previous color. Do not attempt to render the paint more than directed and respect the drying time between coats.

Why paint to dry it cracks?

If you just paint and once the paint is dry or cracks might quebrajea material for some reason it has not been properly attached to the wall. Possibly the presence of fat, oil, glue. To solve the problem should be left to dry the entire surface, remove the shelling equipment and eliminate what is causing the problem with soap and water, rinse to dry, apply a coat of matt synthetic paint, and once dry repainting .

Why paint immediately follows the roller passing?

Usually this happens when there is some kind of moisture and salt on the wall. The sector can be painted with the paint brush will not rise with the roller, but surely not last long. This is a major problem. See moisture on walls.

Why spots emerge once painted?

Sometimes the paint stains come out again that we thought would cover the paint, are generally stains, smoke, soot or any other substance that dissolves in the solvent of paint, becoming visible once the paint drying. To solve the problem should be removed which causes the stain. If you have already let’s try a hand painted faux painting (or synthetic enamel background) matte finish and once dried continue with the usual paint.

Why are there brush marks?

If you notice that the wall is lined with paint brush in passing, tries to load properly, without overstretching the paint. Use a soft bristle brush and in good condition.

Why are roller marks using satin or gloss paint?

When painting a wall paint begins to dry quickly in contact with the surface and air. So the work must be done as quickly as possible without trying to roll past or joints between panels are noticed. Must not turn back reviewing a painted sector. It is painted one wall at a time. See glossy paint

Why paint blisters?

When the paint blisters secure drawback is the presence of moisture on the wall. Although it is only a small sector and gravity does not represent the structure of the wall can cause the paint to surface blow and blisters.